Ch5 - Ch.5 Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best...

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Ch.5 Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. The proposition that a person's life was founded on the compulsion to work and the power of love is known as: a. the Protestant ethic b. psychodynamic theory c. motivation d. the Calvinistic perspective ____ 2. According to the Protestant ethic, a person should work hard because hard work and prosperity would lead to a place in heaven. The organizational scholar who advanced the Protestant Ethic notion was: a. John Calvin b. Sigmund Freud c. Adam Smith d. Max Weber ____ 3. Adam Smith formulated the "invisible hand" and the free market to explain the motivation for individual be- havior. The "invisible hand" refers to: a. psychological determinants of behavior b. unconscious motives c. internal needs d. unseen forces of a free market system ____ 4. Maslow's hierarchy of needs model begins with __________ needs and ends with __________ needs. a. security, social b. achievement, power c. power, affiliation d. physiological, self-actualization ____ 5. Alderfer's growth need category corresponds to Maslow's: a. interpersonal esteem needs b. safety and security needs c. social needs d. self-esteem and self-actualization needs
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____ 6. McGregor believed that Theory X assumptions were appropriate for: a. individuals located at the top of the organization b. employees located at the lower level of the organization c. individuals motivated by lower order needs d. individuals motivated by higher order needs ____ 7. Maslow's progression hypothesis states: a. only ungratified needs motivate behavior b. needs are ordered c. individuals will move down the hierarchy as well as up the hierarchy
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Ch5 - Ch.5 Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best...

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