241section1-10-6 - Chem 241 Summer 2010 Chemistry 241...

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Chem 241 - Summer 2010 Section 1 1 Chemistry 241 Professor: Gary L. Glish Office: Caudill 320 Phone: 962-2303 email: [email protected] Office Hours: » Monday 2:00-3:00; Thursday 11:00–12:00 » Other afternoons - drop-in or by appointment About Me B.A. 1976 Wabash College » majors: Chemistry and Economics Ph.D. 1980 Purdue University 1980-1992 Oak Ridge National Laboratory 1992 UNC » Teach: Chem 070, 101, 241, 241L, 395, 396, 448, 742, 742L, 743, 941, 992, 993, 994 Chemistry 241 Prerequisites Chem 102 or 102H It is an Honor Code violation to enroll in a course for which you have not taken prerequisites. Class logistics blackboard.unc.edu »Syllabus »Lecture Notes »Exam keys »Old exams »Equation sheet Class logistics Book: Quantitative Chemical Analysis , 7th Edition, by Daniel C. Harris (UNC Custom text is subset of chapters from this) »Also recommended: Solutions Manual Grading - »3 in class exams - 20% each »final exam - 40% »Ask the Class (extra credit) Class logistics – Schedule Week of Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday May 10 Chpts. 3, 4,5 Chpt. 23,24 Chpt. 24,25 No Class May 17 Chpt. 25,26 Exam 1 Chpt. 9 Chpt. 10 No Class May 24 No Class No Class No Class No Class No Class Final Exam 3-6 PM, Monday, June 14 th May 31 No Class Chpt. 11 Exam 2 Chpt. 18,20 No Class June 7 Chpt. 20, 21 Chpt. 21, 22 Exam 3 Chpt. 14,15 No Class
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Chem 241 - Summer 2010 Section 1 2 Class logistics - Exams Final is comprehensive The final will be divided into sections, a better score on a section of the final than the in-class exam will replace that grade Missed exams will use the corresponding section of the final as grade Equation sheet will be provided Left handers – email me by Feb. 1 if you want a left-handed desk for exams Honor System (http://honor.unc.edu) General Responsibilities. It shall be the responsibility of every student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to: 1. Obey and support the enforcement of the Honor Code; 2 Refrain from lying cheating or stealing; 2. Refrain from lying, cheating, or stealing; 3. Conduct themselves so as not to impair significantly the welfare or the educational opportunities of others in the University community; and 4. Refrain from conduct that impairs or may impair the capacity of University and associated personnel to perform their duties, manage resources, protect the safety and welfare of members of the University community, and maintain the integrity of the University. Honor System Procedures Professor reports possible violation Student attorney general decides if charges should be filed Honor system notifies accused student – defense counsel provided Honor Court Trial If convicted - Sanctions Exam Policies Cheating on an exam - automatic 0 (can NOT be replaced) NO CELL PHONES or IPODS – automatic 0 (can NOT be replaced) Exam leaves room other than with me – automatic 0 (can NOT be replaced) Exam not turned in within 60 seconds after I say STOP – automatic 0 (can be replaced) Exam Policies Replacement of grade from Final Exam not valid for grades resulting from disciplinary action
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241section1-10-6 - Chem 241 Summer 2010 Chemistry 241...

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