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Final Examination - Individual (Part I) Thursday, 28 May 2009 7:00 – 8:45 PM H. B. White – Instructor 90 Points Your Name ____________________________ "Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it." Lou Holtz Important - Please read this before you turn the page. $ For the first hour, this is a closed-book examination. From 8 – 8:45 PM you may refer to your course notes and materials. $ This examination will assess your learning, problem-solving skills, and ability to communicate clearly. It is intended to be challenging even to the best students in the class. Writing reflects how you think. Among the “right answers” I will read, some will be better than others because they show greater depth of understanding, avoid extraneous or inaccurate information, provide a more logical structure, use appropriate examples, and choose words with precision. Better quality answers will receive higher marks. Therefore organize your thoughts before you write or draw. Strive to write not that you may be understood, but rather that you cannot possibly be misunderstood. Stream of consciousness answers are rarely well organized or clearly presented. $ This examination emphasizes work done in this course since Spring Break; however, knowledge is not so conveniently compartmentalized. Therefore, you should feel free to use any relevant example from your experience, if it is appropriate. $ There are 9 pages to this part of the examination (counting this cover page.). Please write your name on each page. Feel free to use the backs of pages, if you need more space. $ Part I (90 points) This individual part of the examination, includes 10 problems and essay questions. $ Part II (30 points) The group part of the examination will require you to deal with new information collaboratively. $ If you complete Part I early, you may leave the room and move to 205 Brown Lab where the Group Part of the examination will begin about 8:50 PM. $ You may refer to your notes, course reader, handouts, or graded homework assignments after the first hour of the examination and for the group part of the examination. $ Attempt to draw a picture or diagram as part of your answer to every question. $ Have a productive and safe summer.
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FinalS09Ind - Introduction to Biochemistry Final...

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