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Magnetic Fields, Magnetic Forces, and Electromagnetic Induction Sample Problems 1. A wire 1 m long carries a current of 5 A. The wire is at right angles to a uniform magnetic field. The force on the wire is 0.2 N. What is the magnetic field strength? 2. Now in number one, the wire is directed at an angle of 30 ° . What is the magnetic field strength? 3. A 10 cm long wire is at right angles to a uniform magnetic field of 0.06 T. A 4 A current is in the wire. What magnetic force does it experience? What is the magnetic force if the wire was at an angle of 40 ° to the magnetic field? 4. A beam of electrons travels at 3,000,000 m/s through a 0.04 T field. What force does the beam experience? 5. Two currents (one of 2 A and the other of 4 A) are arranged parallel to each other, with the currents flowing in the same direction (assume they are flowing down in the plane of your paper). The wires are 3 m long and are separated by 8 cm. What is the net magnetic field at the midpoint between the two wires?
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