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Conservation of Linear Momentum A stuntman falls into an airbag. Had he landed on bare ground, the stopping time would have been 10 times shorter and the collision would have been lethal. Does the presence of the airbag increase, decrease, or leave unchanged the values of (a) the stuntman’s change in momentum, (b) the impulse stopping the stuntman, and (c) the force stopping the stuntman.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. What additional information (if any) is necessary to determine the stuntman’s a. speed on impact b. change in momentum c. impulse on the stuntman d. impulse on the airbag e. force on stuntman by the airbag f. force on airbag by the stuntman 2. Sketch (qualitatively) a graph of F vs. time. 3. Identify the system in which momentum is conserved as the stuntman falls....
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