Structural Analysis (6th Edition)

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CEE212 – Structural and Solid Mechanics Winter Semester 2006-2007 Homework #3 (Due February 5, 2007) Mechanical Properties of Materials 1. Hibbeler Problem 3-4 (pg. 102) 2. Hibbeler Problem 3-20 (pg. 105) 3. Hibbeler Problem 3-32 (pg. 116) 4. Hibbeler Problem 3-34 (pg. 116) 5. Hibbeler Problem 3-37 (pg. 118) 6. You are hired by a local Ann Arbor structural engineering firm to carry out a review of the Hyatt Regency Walkway Collapse which occurred in July, 1980. This catastrophe was the result of poor detailing by the engineer that permitted the contractor to misinterpret the structural drawings. Find one scholarly review article (in a professional journal such ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering , Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, Civil Engineering , among others) and provide the client with an executive summary detailing
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Unformatted text preview: the cause of the collapse. The intended audience of the executive summary is a group of structural engineers so draw on the concepts of the class to describe the cause of the walkway failure. If a detailed engineering drawing assists your efforts, feel free to provide one to support your summary. Also, please limit your executive summary to 450 words. When you submit your assignment, please submit it along with the scholarly journal article found. Hint : Journal articles can be searched using the EI Engineering Village search tools (available via the University of Michigan Library system – consult with a librarian at the Art, Architecture and Engineering Library for assistance with the available search tools)....
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