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Hard Rock Cafe Case - Anna Swider Management 377 Hard Rock...

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Anna Swider September 30, 2009 Management 377 Hard Rock Cafe’s Global Strategy From a single location in 1971, Hard Rock Cafe has become a global brand. The company started out as just a small London cafe serving classic American food, and now it has 110 cafes thru ought the world. A short time after opening the first location, Hard Rock Cafe became a theme chain with memorabilia in tourist destinations. Shortly after that, the company has started adding stores, live music venues, and rock concerts. Once Hard Rock has established its name, it began operating casinos and hotels and also moving the facilities into cities that are not the typical tourist destinations. Hard Rock Cafe is the number one theme restaurant in the world, and it is one of the most highly recognized brands. The company has done this by adopting what can be best described as an experience strategy. As an industry leader, its strategy has changed with the times. Hard Rock has migrated from small cafe, to food with entertainment, and to food with an experience. Nowadays, many people go to restaurants not only because they want a meal but also because they want an experience, and Hard Rock’s operation strategy is designed to provide that experience. Arranging all of this becomes an operations management responsibility. All ten operations management decisions - product design, quality, process, location, layout, human resources, supply chain, inventory, scheduling, and maintenance - can be significant in building that experience. Goods and service design
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Hard Rock Cafe Case - Anna Swider Management 377 Hard Rock...

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