Chapter 1 and 2 Study Guide

Chapter 1 and 2 Study Guide - 3ForcesinPsychology...

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3 Forces in Psychology - Psychodynamic o Freud’s idea o The mind o Motivated around sex and aggression - Behaviorism o Watson - Humanistic o Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs o Rogers o UPR (Unconditional poster regard) Psychology - The science of behavior and mental processes Roots of Psychology - Philosophy and Science School of Thoughts - Structuralism o Early psychological viewpoint that sought to identify the components of the conscious mind o Structure of the human mind - Functionalism o Early psychological viewpoint that studied how the conscious mind helps the individual adapt to the  environment o The function of things - Empiricism o Philosophical position that true knowledge comes through the senses o Solid evidence o True knowledge comes through the senses o Sensory Experience - Rationalism o Philosophical position that true knowledge comes through correct reasoning
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o Correct reasoning o Accept things that are true and reason with them o Reject things that are false and reason with them Measures of Central (General) Tendency - Mean o Average - Median o Middle Number - Mode o Most Common What did Structuralism and Functionalism have in common? -
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Chapter 1 and 2 Study Guide - 3ForcesinPsychology...

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