Chapter 3 Study Guide

Chapter 3 Study Guide - Psychology 101 Chapter 3...

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Psychology 101 Chapter 3: Biopsychological Bases of Behavior Practice Test Questions and Answers 1. A person who develops unilateral neglect typically ignores or denies the existence of one side of the body and that same side of the immediate environment 2. The area of psychology concerned with the relationship between brain activity and psychological functions is called behavioral neuroscience 3. The study of how genetic endowment affects behavior is called behavioral genetics 4. The highly specialized communication system of the body is called nervous system 5. The basic unit of the nervous system is the spinal cord 6. The nervous system is made up of the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system 7. The parasympathetic system is part of autonomic nervous system 8. Imagine that you have to give a speech in a class today. While thinking about giving the speech, you feel your hear beating faster and your palms sweating. These symptoms are a result of activity in the somatic nervous system 9. Although the pituitary gland is called the “master gland,” it is itself subject to regulation by the hypothalamus 10. Which statement describes the controversy that surrounds the use of anabolic steroids? While their positive effects are uncertain, their negative effects, such as increased 11. As you glance across campus, you see your significant other walking toward you. This visual information is transmitted to your brain via the sensory neurons 12.Which part of the brain function like a Traffic direction, distributing incoming sensory information to various part of the brain for processing? The Thalamus 13. Bonnie has a disease that disrupts the functioning of the hypothalamus. With which of the following
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Chapter 3 Study Guide - Psychology 101 Chapter 3...

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