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BCH100HW_1_2010 - BGH'tFID F3” 2010 Wit#1[5 points...

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Unformatted text preview: BGH'tFID F3” 2010 Wit #1 [5 points} Qg'estgg n #1: {1 point) Water is a polar-molecule becausa: a.) it is asymmetrical t1} It has tum types of atoms that have large differences in electronegatwity c.) It is symmetrical bath a and b 3.) both b and C W: ['1 nos-nit Consider theaminc acid glycine at pH 10.23. Its alpha carboxyl group has a pK’a of 2 34. What 15. the ratio of base to acid far this group at this pH? at) 736311 it} 1 3““ I __ b.) 77.625:1____I§_-, .- ”I???“ 7 c.) 773.247:1 - l--. _ m .. s -— d.) 7,762.4ri:1 rye-i) 77.624.71.21 Qgeltiafl fl: {-1 point) Which statement about we; is not true? a.) it represents 3 pH at which 50% of the :itratat-ie group is in the ac:d term and 5001, is ir- the base farm. to.) it the pH is teas than the mm, more than 50% 01 the titratante groups are protcnaled c.) if the pH is greater than the: pita, more than 50% of the titratabie groups are unproloi'iated. ct] if the pH is tass than the nKal more than 50% of the titratable groups are in the acid turn. .2.) All ct'the above are tme. : {1 point} At what approximate pH will Phe most likely exist as a zwittericn? a.) 4.5 mum [1 point) Cysteine is the only amino acid that can form covalent linkages with another amino acid through its side chain. a} true b.) false '. ‘. (1 point} At pH 12. Will the Ft group at D likely be charged 0R uncharged? Ycu must spelt out the word mnectiy for credit. _. ...
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