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BCH100fall_HW_2_2010 - BCH1OD Fall 2010 BLH#2{4_points...

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Unformatted text preview: BCH1OD Fall 2010 BLH #2 {4_points} Question #1; [0.8 point] Giire the full name for the amino acid that has a side chain that would-be able to form a covalent disulfida bridge with the side' chain of the amino acid cysteine. No points 95W?” '0’ "‘ISSDE‘HMQS- C3§T9ifl0 Q. gesflon #3: [0.8 point} This amino acid is remsented by the ene~letter abbreviation of K. You must soell out the COMPLETE name of the amino acid correctly. No points given for misspellings. [.351 he saw: (0-8 point) T“ m h The zwltterion tor R has: 'l' - We Wit Uri - 1‘10 WT C Cir ' ' . a.) a net charge of +2 2'11““? W W b' a net charge of -2 a not charge of +1 d.) a net charge of +1 @ a net charge of D Emits-.913: (0-3 point} pl is defined as the pH at which an amino acid is MOST likely to exist in a form that has no net charge overall . (55> True ‘5.) False Question #5: {0.3 point} At pH 1.63. the net charge of He is most likely: a.) -2 b.) -1 c.) 0 id.) +1 e.) +2 ...
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