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BCH100fall_HW_9_2010 - ii 3c H1 on Q Fall 2131 o BLH#9(4...

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Unformatted text preview: ii 3c H1 on Q Fall 2131 o - BLH #9 (4 points} Questign $1: [8.3 paint) Which of the foliowing statements is true? a.) Glycogen breakdown occurs when there is high ATP and high levei of carbohydrates {BL} Glycogen is comprised of glucose residues joined by beta 1.4 glycosidic linkages 'C.) Glucose from glycogen gives 1 less ATP in glycolysis compared to free glucose 6': Glycogen phosphorylese can be locked in the T conformation by addition of phosphates 6% Ail are Liaise ngg‘og #2: {0.8 point] Triosephosphate isomerase is an enzyme specific to which process (gtycoiysis, gluconeogenesis. OR “a“ W “H“ \ ._ Question E: [0.8 point} . How many total steps are there in giuconeogenesis? Ii EM! (0-3 point) How many steps do gluooneogenesis and giycolyeis have in common”? "i Question #5: (0.8 point} Ualine is an important sllosteric regoietor of pyruvste kinase activity. .) true (i) taisa \-..-r ...
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