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Team Development In order to keep individuals, teams, and the organization as a whole aligned, it may be helpful to think in terms of the model below. Team Development Model Organization Team Individual Members PURPOSE (Why, What) Mission Charter and Goals Roles and Responsibilities PARTNERSHIP (with whom) Values & Beliefs Norms and Communication channels Interpersonal Skills PROCESS (how) Management systems and reviews Methods and Procedures Problem solving & Planning skills Source: The Team Handbook by Joiner Authors: P.R. Scholtes, B.L. Joiner, B.J. Streibel The PURPOSE is the reason behind the work being done. At the organization level, this is the mission. At the team level, it is the goal. And at the individual level, it is each person’s role. In order to maintain the organization’s mission, and that the individuals’ roles line up with both the mission and the team goals. It is equally important that everyone in the organization understands HOW these purposes line up with one another. The second task of the model deals with Partnership, or how people relate to one another. The organization has certain values and beliefs that are represented by the corporate culture. Teams have norms for how to work together and channels for communicating with management and other teams. Individual team members have interpersonal skills. Like purposes, it is important that these three dimensions of partnership line up with one another. Although we may make an effort to line up mission, goals, and roles, it is often the case that we forget about lining up organizational values, team norms, and individuals skills. We create new team norms without considering how they fit with the organizational culture or the interpersonal skills we have been rewarding in the past. Finally, the third task of the model considers PROCESS, or how people get the work done.
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TeamDevelopment - Team Development In order to keep...

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