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Education in Africa - help their way of life If there were...

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Many schools around the Lake Victoria area where there is power, even with its inconsistencies, have little affect on how people learn. This could be changed if the Bujagali Falls Dam went up. The primary schools in Jinja have, if lucky only 2 computers that may have power to be used every once in a while. If the dam were put in place young females through out Uganda would be able to attend schools that could teach with power. There would lights to see the books they’re reading, some provided by the UN in efforts to help better the people in Africa, and to see the teachers who are trying to
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Unformatted text preview: help their way of life. If there were more power it would also be possible to have more schools built in the area, providing education for more than just 4 of the children in a family. The females would be able to go to school and learn more skills then just being able to fetch water and carry it on their heads. There would also be more permanent teachers to help educate these children. This could also potentially provide jobs in the future for these women as educators in the primary or even secondary education systems....
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