ME300.2 - ME 300: Engineering Thermodynamics I The...

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ME 300: Engineering Thermodynamics I The Pennsylvania State University Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering Spring 2009, Section 2 Time and Location: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 11:15am-12:05pm, 135 Reber Building Required Textbook: Turns, S. R. Thermodynamics: Concepts and Applications . Cambridge University Press, 2006. ISBN: 0521850428 Prerequisites: CHEM 110, MATH 141 Instructor: Michael J. Hargather, PhD Instructor and Research Associate [email protected] 208 Reber Building 814-865-3218 Office Hours: Monday 2:00-3:15pm Tuesday 9:00-10:15am Other days and times available by appointment Course Description: ME 300 is an introductory and comprehensive course in thermodynamics. This course introduces the basic concepts, physics, and mathematics involved in thermodynamic calculations and analyses. Students will learn to apply thermodynamic and conservation laws to a range of problems to obtain an appropriate engineering solution through various techniques. The physics and mathematics governing properties of matter and fundamental thermodynamic cycles will be developed, using both integral and differential solution techniques. Ultimately, an appreciation for the complexity, solvability, and application of thermodynamic processes will be developed. Grading: The following categories will compose the final grade, with the following weights: Homework 20% Quizzes 10% Exam 1 23% Exam 2 22% Final Exam 25% Homework will be assigned and collected approximately weekly. Homework is to be turned in at class or in the class folder hanging in 242 Reber by 3pm on the due date. Each assignment will include problems, typically from the textbook, designed to reinforce ideas covered in class and will reflect knowledge required for exams. Students are encouraged to work together to solve homework problems, but each student is required to turn in his or her own completed assignment. Problems should be solved
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clearly, showing all work, and following a logical problem solving format. Solutions
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ME300.2 - ME 300: Engineering Thermodynamics I The...

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