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166 The Study on the Construction of the Service Supply Chain Model WANG Hailong, SHEN Jinyu Department of Management, Renmin University of China, , P.R. China. 100872 Abstract: This study reviews some literatures on service supply chains, appreciates and introduces five supply chain models .On the basis of that, a new service supply chain model is proposed which is the main innovation of this study. This model identifies the supply relations within the core service companies and classifies the internal suppliers. Keywords: service, supply chain, internal marketing 1 Introduction Supply chain and supply chain management are attended by more and more people. Supply chain management is mainly from manufacturing, so most of the existing pertinent research results are on the basis of it. But studies on s ervice supply chain are always neglected and not mature(Lisa M Ellram, Wendy L Tate and Corey Billington,2004). Supply chain is an objective commerce phenomenon that exists in any industry, including service industry(John T Mentzer et al,2001).It is well known that service industry is an important part of societal economy and one of important indicators that measure the level of a country’s economic development. But the development level of Chinese service industry lags behind the developed countries. In 2005, the production value of Chinese service industry took up 41% of GDP, but in the United States and other developed countries the percent was more than 80%. In addition, after China entered WTO, Chinese service market will be open to the world and the competition in Chinese service market will be more furious. Internal service enterprises will have to face more austere challenges. Therefore emphasizing studying on service industry is greatly important, especially from the point of supply chain management. The service supply chain model is the basis of further studies on service supply chain. But the model which is more adaptive and indicates the basic structure of service supply chain could not be found in existing literatures. In this article pertinent literatures about service supply chain are reviewed and several supply chain models are appreciated, on the foundation of that we bring up a new service supply chain model. 2 Literature review 2.1 Main literatures on service supply chain Enterprises can benefit from supply chain management greatly(Jack S Cook, Kathy DeBree and Amie Feroleto,2001),which makes scholars apply the theories of supply chain management to service industry. However, service industry has many characteristics such as service is invisible . heterogeneous and can not be stored up and carried because production and consumption of service happen at the same time. So it is more complicated than manufacturing (Goodman and Steadman,2002) and it is difficult to find common among them(Lisa M Ellram, Wendy L Tate ea al.,2004; Yunus Kathawala and Khaled Abdou,2003;Kaushik Sengupta et al., 2006).Because of the characteristics, some
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