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Justin Corder Chris Raynor Ryan Przedpelski Bloomscape Case Answers 1) Write down all four columns for orders that do not match, i.e., for orders where quantity ordered minus quantity filled does not equal 0. What reasons can you think of for the nonzero differences? mntrPCorderFilldiff orderID mntrPCsumQtyOrder.SumOfquantity mntrPCsumQtyFill.SumOfquantity diff 5216 670 1334 -664 5223 670 670 5234 670 667 3 5245 670 669 1 5253 670 668 2 There is a time difference of 16 minutes between order numbers 5216 and 5234 because workers are responsible for changing orderIDs, thus human error most likely caused the error. In particular, the worker at the load site is responsible for changing the orderID for each order, and they most either read it wrong or for whatever reason walked away from the load, causing all of the 5223 orders to be falsely recorded as 5216. The nonzero differences could also be caused by false readings on the RFID tag because of a bad tag or if the scanner was too far from the label. 2) What do the orderIDfix and SKUext expressions do? OrderIDfix reallocates Cart IDs that were incorrectly and falsely identified and accounted for. Any CartID greater than number 2533 was not supposed to be accounted for under OrderID 5216. The expression reassigns those incorrect ID’s to the correct OrderID, 5223. The SKUext identifies plant types by isolating the 9 th , 10 th , 11 th , and 12th digits of the GTIN number. 3) Open the orderItem Table and write down the data type for SKU:
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BloomscapeQandAProj3 - Ryan Petteruti Justin Corder Chris...

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