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Cholersterol-Drugs - Cholesterol American Heart...

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Unformatted text preview: Cholesterol American Heart Association (AHA) Maximum daily intake recommended: 300 mg Food Fruits and veggies Pork Chop (3 oz.) Chicken, skinless (3 oz.) Steak (3 oz.) Shrimp (3 oz.) Egg yolk Hot dog (3 oz.) Cholesterol Food Cholesterol Excess of cholesterol can form (mg) (mg) 0 Milk, whole (8deposits (plaque), causing 33 waxy oz.) 83 Low-fat arteriesoz.)narrow, which may milk (8 to 22 71 Low fat elevate the blood pressure4 yogurt (8 oz.) 1 and 70 Cheddarncrease (1 oz.) of heart 30 i cheese the risk 166 Ice cream (4 oz.) 29 disease. 213 Butter (1 tbsp.) 33 43 Even vegetarians can have high cholesterol. - Most of the body’s cholesterol is synthesized by the body. - 1 gram per day is produced in the liver to maintain the minimum concentration required (about 2 g per liter of blood) for use in cell membranes and to produce estrogen, testosterone and other steroid hormones. - The liver uses saturated fatty acids to produce cholesterol: lauric acid (12 C’s), myristic acid (14 C’s), and palmitic acid (16 C’s). Drugs to treat cholesterol build-up “Good” cholesterol and “bad” cholesterol Statins: - inhibit enzymes which produce cholesterol - liver needs to use the cholesterol from blood Lipoproteins: fat-protein complexes. Transport cholesterol in blood. LDL is more likely to deposit cholesterol in blood vessels (arteriosclerosis). HDL can remove cholesterol from blood vessels and carry it to the liver. Lipitor 4 3 ...
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