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Unformatted text preview: Chem 1004 – Spring 2011 Steroids Sex Hormones Blackboard: Office hours: MW 3:10 – 3:55 PM, 1957 E street, room 113 or by appointment. Steroids Natural: Structural cell components, metabolic regulators, hormones, etc. Estradiol Female sex hormone Testosterone Synthetic: drugs for birth control, Male sex hormone abortion, and bodybuilding. The steroid nucleus Function - Regulation of secondary sexual characteristics - Reproduction and control of the reproductive cycle Cortisone - Regulation of metabolism Metabolic regulator - Digestion of fat - Cell membrane component Example Estradiol and testosterone Progesterone Progesterone Cortisol Pregnancy hormone Cholic acid Cholesterol Sex hormones Estrogens: female sex hormones Androgens: male sex hormones Examples: 1 Metabolic regulator Pregnancy hormone Sex hormones Estrogens: female sex hormones Androgens: male sex hormones Examples: Testosterone Male sex hormone Progesterone Pregnancy hormone Development and maintenance of the genitals and secondary sex characteristics: hairiness of the body and face, muscle size, low pitch of the male’s voice, development of breasts and menstruation in the female Hormones are produced in very small quantities: - One ton of bull testicles yields 5 mg of testosterone - Four tons of pig ovaries yield 12 mg of estrone 5 ...
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