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PreNatal DevelopmentI

PreNatal DevelopmentI - period Higher dose more severe the...

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PreNatal Development Fertilization/Germinal Stage: first 2 weeks Embryonic Stage: week 2-8 Fetal Stage: week 8 - birth Autism Spectrum Disorder and the Toddler Brain ASD causes remains unknown New research o ASD might be related to problems with structure or fucntion of the amygdala larger if have ASD Pregnancy problems Infertility o 15% of couples o more common in older mothers o Common causes: women- unable to release egg o Options: IVF – 33% effective in younger mothers, surrogate, artificial insemination Miscarriage/spontaneous abortion o 15-20% of pregnancies often do to genetic abnormality of fetus Abortion o Little evidence for lasting effects Threats to Development Affected by wide variety of experiences o Nutrition o Teratogens Most vulnerable during embryonic stage Each organ has different exceptionally vulnerable
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Unformatted text preview: period Higher dose more severe the damage Prenatal Influence • Diet and Exercise o Prenatal vitamins o Low impact regular exercise • Increased risk with higher and younger age o Mothers over 30/adolescent mothers • Prenatal support o From family member, partner, etc • Health o Rubella prior to 11 th week, mumps, syphilis, STDs, AIDs • Drug Use o Illicit drugs, alcohol, tobacco, OTC meds Alcohol During Pregnancy • Estimated 80% of women drink some time during pregnancy • 9-11% of pregnant women in US are “problem drinkers” • FAS estimated 1 out of 750 births o Teratogenic Response Low birth rate Premature birth Microcepahly Heart/joint defects o Sleeper Effects Mental retardation Hyperactivity...
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