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PreNatal DevelopmentII

PreNatal DevelopmentII - PreNatal Development Smoking...

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PreNatal Development Smoking During Pregnancy 30% of preg. Women smoke in addition many have exposure to second hand smoke reduces oxygen and increases carbon monoxide in mother’s blood pack a day increases miscarriage risk by 20% Teratogenic Response o Low birth rate o Premature Sleeper Effects o Mental retardation o Shorter stature Father’s prenatal influence Relatively little research Tobacco use o 2 nd hand smoke bad for mother/baby Labor Release of CRH = contractions 3 stages of labor approaches to child birth o variety of strategies and approaches o no universally accepted procedures Lamaze Bradley method Hypnobirthing Home births All focus on relaxation technique No controlled experiment o Uses of Anesthesia and Pain-Reducing drug No found risks of pain medication Infant Mortality Rates Defined as death before age of 1 Declined since 1960s US ranks 22 nd worldwide
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