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Temperament characteristics

Temperament characteristics - depression drug abuse •...

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Temperament characteristics Activity level Rhythmicity Approach/withdrawl Adaptability Threshold Intensity Mood Distractability Attention span Temperament Profiles Easy Difficult Slow-to-warm up Inconsistently categorized babies Mary Rothbart’s Psychobiolgoical Model of Temperament Emotional reactivity o Positive affect – smiling, laughter, etc o Irritable distress – irritability etc Emotional regulation Activity Attention Also has: o Difficult More likely to show behavioral problems by school age than easy children o Easy o Slow to warm up o Behavioral inhibition Temperament in relation to adult personality Positive reactivity o Relate to intro or extroverted as adult Negative reactivity o Neurotic or stable o Weakly related to behavior problems, anxiety,
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Unformatted text preview: depression, drug abuse • Regulation o Conscientiousness Culture and temperament • Temperamental differences in newborns o Chinese American babies – calmer, easier to console, quiet o Japanese infants less reactive during well-baby exams • Different perceptions of infant temperament exist and may influence opportunities provided o Two East African societies: one keeps babies swaddled for a year, the other believes a child is capable of learning soon after birth Children with the same temperament have different behavioral and emotional outcomes • Transaction model • Goodness of fit o Development dependant upon degree of match between environment and situation in which they are raised Good or poor fit...
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Temperament characteristics - depression drug abuse •...

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