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Influences on Development History Graded Influences o Includes major events, cohorts Age Graded Influences o Puberty, menopause, etc Sociocultural-Graded Influences o Includes ethnicity, social class, etc Non-normative Life Event o Adoption, death of a sibling, childhood sickness, etc Key Developmental Psych Debates Continuous vs. discontinuous o Continuous- everything gradually – how much not what kind, quantitative, ex: height o Discontinuous- steps or stages, qualitative change, Piaget/Erickson Critical vs. Sensitive periods o Critical – imprinting – doesn’t happen during critical
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Unformatted text preview: period doesn’t happen at all, environmental stimuli essential for development to appear o Sensitive – increased susceptibility, sensitive to acquire certain type of knowledge during certain period, but can still occur if not acquired during that specific period • Life span vs. particular periods o Life span – broader view of abilities change over life course o Particular periods • Nature vs. nurture o Nature – genetically inherited o Nurture – environment (biological or social)...
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