Infant Intelligence

Infant Intelligence - • Bayley Scales o 2mo to 3.5yrs o...

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Infant Intelligence Developmental quotient o Overall competence compared to norms for others at a given age o Four domains Motor skills Language use Adaptive behavior Personal-social Info processing approaches o Habituation Process info efficiently, then should turn attention away more quickly o Visual-recognition memory If can recognize a stimulus that has been previously seen, assumed to be more efficient at info processing o Cross-modal transference Ability to identify a stimulus previously experienced through only one sense by using another sense is associated with intelligence Info processing and cognitive abilities o Correlate moderately well with later measures of intelligence o More efficient information processing during the 6 months following birth is related to higher intelligence scores between 2 and 12 years of age and other measures of cognitive competence o But IQ is affected by environment
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Unformatted text preview: • Bayley Scales o 2mo to 3.5yrs o nonverbal items to measure developmental milestones o mental scale – senses, perception, memory, learning, problem solving, language o motor scale – fine and gross motor o useful for identifying risk for unhealthy development o not good at predicting later intelligence o • Fagan test of infant Intelligence o Measures info-processing skills Encoding attributes of objects, seeing similarities, and diffs b/w objects, forming and using mental representations Measures amt of time infant looks at new vs. familiar object Evidence that test is culture fair, but correlations with later development weak to moderate • Developmental Scales o Useful – provide good snapshot of current developmental level, object assessment of behavior relative to norms o Bad – do not provide good prediction for future development...
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Infant Intelligence - • Bayley Scales o 2mo to 3.5yrs o...

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