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Langauge Langauge and Thought Symbolic function o Ability to use symbols Language and thought influence each other Vygotsky – bidirectional influence o Develop cognitively – have more sophisticated language o More sophisticated language – thought more advanced o This view may be the most accurate Infant directed Speech Short simple high pitched sentences, varied and exaggerated intonation, amusing words/sounds Little formal structure Similar to telegraphic speech Occurs cross culturally but with variation Impact o Preferred by newborns o When used on infants they seem to begin to use words and exhibit linguistic capabilities sooner Importance o Makes it more concrete for infants
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Unformatted text preview: Poverty and Language Professional parents speak to kids more, children have more exposure to language: number of words and variety do better on tests of intelligence o Early exposure to language important o Hart and Risley Study Bilingualism Lack of evidence that bilingualism interferes with childrens language learning more generally Need to compare number of words they know in both languages together Language learned simultaneously language shares same brain region Languages learned sequentially second language goes to different part of the brain ELL Bilingual education vs. English immersion...
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