Language-Infants - Language Infants with hearing...

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Language Infants with hearing impairments Ability to hear not necessary to learn language Language acquisition develops on the same developmental schedule as hearing children Deaf infants babble with hands instead of voices First Words 10-14 months – first word 15 months – 10 words 16-24 months – language explosion of 50 to 400 words typically are objects and things, animate and inanimate cultural differences o English speakers use more nouns, Chinese more verbs, etc Often holophrases – one word responses that stand for a whole phrase o Down, me, etc o Effective and powerful speech systems for young children First Sentences “sentences” – linking two words together and linking relationship between two words 8-12 months after first words o ~18 months – one-word stage ends indicate understanding of labels for objects and relationships between them often observations rather than demands use word order similar to adult speech with missing words
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Language-Infants - Language Infants with hearing...

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