The Sun

The Sun - telescopes in space don’t want the color and...

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The Sun Characterizing light o Characterized by: Intensity: how bright the sources is/appears to be What color the light is: related to wavelength Can be thought of as wave or particle (photon) o Light doesn’t need a medium to pass through Types of Light o Electromagnetic Spectrum o Composed of waves of electric and magnetic force Waves carry energy; energy related to frequency and inversely related to wavelength Atmospheric Transparency o Atmosphere keeps out most of electric spectrum o Atmosphere mostly transparent o Gamma rays, x-rays, and ultraviolet light blocked by the upper atmosphere To detect gamma rays, have to have telescope in space o Visible light observable from earth with some atmospheric distortion o Most infrared spectrum blocked along with long- wavelength radio waves o Radio waves are observable from earth o Atmospheric transparency why astronomers want
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Unformatted text preview: telescopes in space don’t want the color and atmospheric distortion • Inverse Square Law o Amount per unit area of something (light, gravity?) equally distributed over inner sphere will be weaker (by 1/r^2) when its distributed over outer sphere o Area of a sphere: 4pie r^2 Take an amount (4pie) of something (paint, light) and distribute it over the surface of a small sphere then how much we figure out how much would be distributed over a large sphere? R=1 area= 4pie amount per square inch=1 R=2 area=16pie amount per sq inch=1/4 o Inverse square law: a geometrical law Know how bright something is, can determine how far away that object it Measure star, explosion out in space, measure how bright it appears, makes educated guess about how bright object really is, find distance from earth to the object...
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The Sun - telescopes in space don’t want the color and...

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