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SolarWind - therefore emits x-rays o Note it can emit all...

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Solar Weather Three Layers of Solar Atmosphere Photosphere Chromosphere Corona Dynamo Effect Creation of magnetic field by circulation of charged particles How the sun creates its magnetic field o Drive solar activity, solar storms, and atmospheric heat Solar Magnetic Activity: The Dynamo Effect Motions of plasma (charged particles) in solar interior produces electric current Electric current produces local magnetic fields Magnetic fields get “mixed” because currents aren’t stable, and the Sun is not a solid body Mixing of magnetic fields responsible for Solar Activity Coronal Activity Cycle 5.5 year cycle goes from maximum to minimum and back to maximum every 11 years o similar/equal to sun spots o corona weakens at sunspot minimum because the magnetic field is weak X-ray Picture of Sun from Yohkoh mission Solar.physics.montana.edu/ypop Can see corona because of excessive temperature it is at and
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Unformatted text preview: therefore emits x-rays o Note: it can emit all lengths of light Solar Wind • Continuous stream of charged particles (electrons, protons) emanating from the solar corona and moving out into interstellar space • Flows past earth and other planets, significant effect on planetary phenomenon • Fastest at coronal maximum • Can check current solar wind conditions through ACE solar satellite o ACE satellite flying free and therefore collects good solar data and is a good way to observe the sun • About 100000 degrees, starts at roughly 1 million from the sun • Moves at roughly 1 million miles per hour • You can sail on the solar wind o Nano-sail D, is currently in orbit around the earth riding on solar wind o Good way to make spaceships go further using less energy Side note: at L1 point, 1.5 million km from earth, where earth and sun’s gravity cancel...
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SolarWind - therefore emits x-rays o Note it can emit all...

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