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Intro - Solar(stellar system • A star and all the...

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Cosmos: from the Greek meaning “orderly system or arrangement, ornaments Antonym: chaos Our cosmos is an orderly, structured place with well defined laws apparent to all: Is it? Predictable or probabilistic? Skin deep? Views of the Universe: apparent vs. actual Apparent: earth is flat, things naturally at rest, sky is a dome, sun, moon, planets, stars orbit Earth Actual: nothing at rest, Earth rotates, Earth is a spheroid, space is curved, earth orbits the sun, everything spins, the sky changing
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Unformatted text preview: Solar (stellar) system • A star and all the material that orbits it, including its planets and moon • How many? Don’t know 500 at last count Galaxy • A great island of stars in space, all held together by gravity and orbiting a common center Supermassive black holes • In the center of galaxy Universe • The sum total of all matter and energy; that is, everything within and between all galaxies • Not just everything we see • Ordered or chaotic, or both? Order from chaos?...
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