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Astronomical Tools - • HST o 1 meter mirror o Hubble...

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Astronomical Tools Gemini North o On Mauna Kea on Hawaii o 8 meters diameter of mirror, which is the most important part about buying telescopes invented by Issac Newton Mountain tops best location for viewing to get above distorting effects of the atmosphere Spitzer Space Telescope o Measures infrared radiation o Detects hot objects you can’t see optically Arecibo o Radio telescope in cave of extinct crater on Puerto Rico o Diameter of 300 metters
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Unformatted text preview: • HST o 1 meter mirror o Hubble Space Telescope Similar observations to Gemini North but absolutely no atmospheric distortion • Chandra Xray Observatory o Named for a physicist o X-Ray telescope with elliptical orbit Use mirrors but have to be sideways to the beam of light • Eye o First observation tool • Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope o In orbit o No optical devices o Gamma rays pass through sky every two hours...
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