Hanny�s Voorwerp

Hanny�s Voorwerp - Hannys Voorwerp Galaxyzoo.org...

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Hanny’s Voorwerp Galaxyzoo.org Green blob in space o Discovered by person because general public can look through pictures b/c astronomers don’t have enough time to look through everything in space Lit up gas of dead supermassive black hole Best example of supermassive black hole dying in our galaxy o Inactive Kepler 10B First rocky planet circling around another star Very close to its star Extremely small fraction of the mass of the star, exerts very small tug on star (though astronomers can still figure it out) o This is why its hard to find planets Lightning Femi Space telescope looking for gamma ray radiation Comes from annihilation of matter with anti-matter Lightning storms produce anti-matter which they shoot out into space o Hits matter, collide and demolish each other and this radiation appears as gamma rays How big is the universe? Milky way is one of about 100 billion galaxies 10^11 stars/galaxy x 10^11 galaxies = 10^22 stars
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Hanny�s Voorwerp - Hannys Voorwerp Galaxyzoo.org...

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