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Themes in OT - o ALSO origin myths played significant role...

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Religion and Politics in African Societies Themes in OT/myths o Multiple agents in creation o Single creator god o Gods and humans as actors in the process o Variety of origin myths Earth already existed Empty or near empty universe o Balance between sexes – women and men coming to earth at the same time o A way of explaining the way the universe was made, why it worked the way it did o Creation myths do not provide a code of conduct for living – did not typically contain laws of proper conduct or morality o NOTE: creation myths as oral rather than written. Many have changed over time. Influenced by outside religions and borrowings from other ethnic groups
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Unformatted text preview: o ALSO: origin myths played significant role in defining identity. Creation myths often referenced other ethnic groups as inferior to theirs as a way of reinforcing their own history as in relation to others • 3 Categories of Origin Myths o creation of universe as the work of creator god who formed the earth. Bushoong – creator god Bumba o Earth already existed and a creator god sprang from it. First a drop of milk. Creator, Doondari emerged from milk and made stone then iron, fire, water, etc, then finally man o Earth and gods as first beings. Ijo (Niger Delta) – femaile creator...
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