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States on West Atlantic Coast

States on West Atlantic Coast - • Strong leadership o...

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States on West Atlantic Coast Pre 16 th century relatively unimportant in African History o Most contact with those further North Small populations – mostly fishing and agriculture, salt, panning Slow development Trade as impetus to social differentiation i.e. those who participate in trade and those who don’t Cultural change Contact with outside world with populations across the Sahara 15 th Century – Portuguese Arrival Some contact with “outside” world, those further west and north Broad Trends of Forest Region til 1600 By 500 CE appearance of linguistic and cultural differentiation Basic principles of social organization, religious ideas, and art forms crystallize States based on lineage associations to which individuals first allegiance was owed
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Unformatted text preview: • Strong leadership o Centralized governments o Creation of dynasties o Expansion o Strong militaries o Similar to Western Sudan kingdoms States and State Formation • Not all areas of Africa developed states • States characterized by central organization concentration of authority( ruler: chief/king who wields authority as a fulltime occupation) • Many factors influencing the formation of states o Defense/protection/security Outside pressure prompting unity o Continuous leadership patterns o Trade With Africans and later Europeans o Conquest/Invasion Clans gaining dominance over other clans. Extraction of tribute o Use of religion/mysticism To consolidate power, to formalize leadership (Asante) Same as divine right of kings in Europe...
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