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Impact, Effects Slave Trade - slave trade Slave trade – a...

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Impact, Effects and Consequences of Slave Trade Created a culturally connected world on both sides of the Atlantic Also created economically connected world By 18 th century a dynamic economic system had emerged Flow of goods and people in every direction – kind of globalization o Africans dressed in European cloth, workers who made the cloth used sugar grown in the Americas using African labor New world slavery as brutal system, but productive economy, surpassing any before it Winners and losers Relative economic parity of Africa and Europe in 15 th century gone by 19 th century Europe in early stages of Industrial Revolution, while African economies did not grow at the same rate Sugar producing areas of the Americas also did not fare well What then were the impact, effects and consequences of the
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Unformatted text preview: slave trade? Slave trade – a good thing? • Arguments during slave trade era? o Trade removed excess people o Delivered new goods to local elite o Benefitted enslaved – exposed to European civilization • Modern Scholars o Slave trade as stimulus to population growth and development of political organizations o Fage – slave trade and growth in centralized African states Not really • Attempts to explain social and material destruction caused by forced exportation of millions of Africans as disservice to millions who died and were transported • Citing participation of some Africans does not minimize the role of all who participated – African and European • Need to understand consequences not for small number (European or African) who benefitted, but for the majority who suffered...
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