Impact on Diaspora

Impact on Diaspora - • Development of Creole populations...

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Impact on Diaspora Social and cultural impact on Americas – most important for us Who were Africans forced to migrate? Impact on the formation of American societies? Who determined their demographic profile and what influence of age and sex of migrants have? What cultural, religious, political baggage did they bring? Africans in the Americas Survivors with experience of ship’s voyage – creates bond Put to labor in New World: on large plantations, small farms, sugar mills, gold mines, etc Variety of work and living arrangements; living conditions varied regionally Differences in life expectancy Different exposure to family life: some with ability to maintain families, others not
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Unformatted text preview: • Development of Creole populations – born and raised in the Americas • New arrivals and their cultures – “bozales” – African born enslaved o Allowed for creation of communities with historical continuity o Maintenance of African cultural practices and patterns where possible • Development of communities among enslaved. Lives shaped by dominant masses but opportunities for social organizations • Cultural transfers and retentions • Resistance – variation in time and space • Limits on lives of individuals but did not prevent socializing, creation of families, formation of communities • Enslaved used spiritual, cultural resources to face challenges of living in Americas...
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