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Old Kongo - o Kinship still important even in centralized...

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Kingdom of Kongo Old Kongo – near modern day Angola History of kingdom written down late sixteenth century, focusing on ruling dynasty What we know o Bankongo peoples migrated during the 13 th century under leadership of Wene (founder). Bakongo people- metal and ironworking. o Agriculture, especially palm trees, fishing and hunting o Centralized state – military, judicial and financial affairs by the time the Portuguese arrive o Kongo ruled by manikongo Kongo composed of 6 provinces o Mpemba, Mbata, Nsundi, Mpangu, Mbemba and Soyo 4 Vassal kingdoms o Loango, Cacongo and Ngoye, and Ndongo o Each administered by governor appointed by manikongo Capital Mbanza Kongo Manikongo elected by governors – heads of important families
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Unformatted text preview: o Kinship still important, even in centralized state • Ruler supported by extensive system of civil servants- largely male relatives of the manikongo • Surrounding villages governed by lesser relatives of the King – all dependent and responsible to him • Taxation, forced labor, and fines as sources of revenue for kingdom Kongo Religion • Supreme god – Nzambi • Lesser spirits or intermediaries – sky spirits, ancestor spirits • Represented in nkisi – objects or charms for healing, luck, or to house people’s souls. Contain medicine to give power and life… o In hardship and other adversity – role of diviner to appease spirit...
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