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Kingdom of Kongo Old Kongo – near modern day Angola History of kingdom written down late sixteenth century, focusing on ruling dynasty What we know o Bankongo peoples migrated during the 13 th century under leadership of Wene (founder). Bakongo people- metal and ironworking. o Agriculture, especially palm trees, fishing and hunting o Centralized state – military, judicial and financial affairs by the time the Portuguese arrive o Kongo ruled by manikongo Kongo composed of 6 provinces o Mpemba, Mbata, Nsundi, Mpangu, Mbemba and Soyo 4 Vassal kingdoms o Loango, Cacongo and Ngoye, and Ndongo o Each administered by governor appointed by manikongo Capital Mbanza Kongo Manikongo elected by governors – heads of important families
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Unformatted text preview: o Kinship still important, even in centralized state Ruler supported by extensive system of civil servants- largely male relatives of the manikongo Surrounding villages governed by lesser relatives of the King all dependent and responsible to him Taxation, forced labor, and fines as sources of revenue for kingdom Kongo Religion Supreme god Nzambi Lesser spirits or intermediaries sky spirits, ancestor spirits Represented in nkisi objects or charms for healing, luck, or to house peoples souls. Contain medicine to give power and life o In hardship and other adversity role of diviner to appease spirit...
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