Queen Nzinga

Queen Nzinga - leaders. Marriage of convenience to...

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Queen Nzinga Few detailed records of womens lives Two sketchy examples as illustration of range of political activity women engaged in Ndongo – women involved in centralization a state o Where Queen was from Kongo – women held offices, titles, sat on ne mbanda – council to keep kings power in check o 4 out 12 council members women most famous pre-colonial female ruler in Africa – Nzinga Mbande o born around 1582, daughter of king and slave woman o rise to power during reign of half brother o resisted Portuguese, made alliances. Much in Portuguese documents therefore contradictory portral by Portuguese o known for political savvy o war with Portuguese – 1622 peace discussion – baptized – Dona Ana de Souza o welcomes missionaries and trade o recognized as ruler. Broke with Christianity o Alliance with Jaga. Increased military. War with Portuguese o Political maneuvers and alliances with other Kongo
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Unformatted text preview: leaders. Marriage of convenience to consolidate power o Growth of kingdom o Later alliance with Dutch o Returned to Christianity in old age. Died 1663, believed to be over 82 years old o Chose sister Kambo as successor Northrup, Africas Discovery Broad themes Ch 2 and 3 o Cultural encounters o Complexity of relationship between Africans and Europeans. o Equality of early encounter o African agency o Power relations and patronage o Differing conceptions of trade (African and European): different economic practices, trade etiquette, etc o African desire to trade with Europeans vs. other Africans? What might be the motivation? o Link between trade and conversion o African adoption of Christianity in early period? o How much of an African perspective do we get from Northrup? European documents...
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Queen Nzinga - leaders. Marriage of convenience to...

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