AfricaBeforeEurope - Historians interpretation of Africa...

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Africa before Europe Map of modern day Africa Geography Large area with many different environmental zone and many georgraphical obstacles to movement Significant geographical areas: o Sahel o Tropical Savanna o Tropical Rainforest o Temperate highlands Major Rivers Map Culture African cultures highly diverse Estimated 2,000 languages spoken on continent Numerous food production systems Difficultly in communication and trade between groups No foreign power was able to conquer Africa and impose a unified culture Need to begin discussions of African Diaspora with Africa o Need to study cultures and people in Africa and to look at developments in Africa before the transatlantic slave trade o Need to dispel notion that people of African descent had no history before their experiences in the Americas o Need to know that there was nothing inevitable about their enslavement and subjugation
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Unformatted text preview: Historians interpretation of Africa History of Africa has been written mostly from the point of view of outsiders who came into the region after the 700s Oral tradition of African societies left no written records History of African as incomplete, biased, and sometimes wrong in certain periods Why? o Many artifacts destroyed by treasure hunters or biased outsiders o Racism by Europeans, Arabs, and others influenced the interpretation of history o Important to study periods of African history with this in mind Salient Themes Beginnings of humanity Early stone age Iron age Spread of people diversity of populations o Migration Africa before Europe Emergence of religious beliefs Development of different societies Importance of agriculture and iron working skills Stratification of societies Formation of states Trade...
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AfricaBeforeEurope - Historians interpretation of Africa...

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