Africans and the Making…

Africans and the Making… - o European...

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Africans and the Making…. End of Slave Trade Denmark 1803 Britain 1807 Sweden 1813 Holland and France 1814 Spain 1820 Portugal 1851 Cuba 1866 Brazil 1850 Historiography Two major schools of though regarding what caused end of slave trade and slavery o Humanitarian Enlightenment thinking, evangelical Christianity. Rise of abolition movement in Britain beginning in 18 th century o Economic/political debate Eric Williams thesis – mercantilism gives way in the face of capitalism. Primacy of capitalism. Impact of industrialization. Move to “legitimate commerce” in Africa Both humanitarianism and economics were factors The role of slave resistance End of slave trade led to o People of African descent in New world societies o Spread of Christianity and Western culture in Africa o Development of “legitimate trade” with Africa
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Unformatted text preview: o European exploration of West African interior o Greater involvement of Europe in Africa o Formation of “new” societies in West Africa – Sierra Leone and Liberia Social Reforms • American Revolution “all men created equal” • French Revolution “liberty, equality, fraternity” • Rise of British intellectualism founded antislavery societies – pressured gov’t to outlaw the slave trade • Enlightenment discourse on slavery • Religious reform movements Role of British Humanitarianisms • What we know: o Late 18 th century campaign to end the slave trade and then slavery – a political movement whose origin lay in the intellectual questioning of the legitimacy of the slave trade and slavery by prominent individuals in England o Antislavery proponents and humanitarians o 1787 Society for the Abolition of the Slave Trade...
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Africans and the Making… - o European...

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