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Ghana Commercial power by 300 CE Control of gold trade 11 th century decline Mali Small Malinke chiefdoms expand into empire by 13 th century Importance of trans Saharan trade routes to success of empire Strong leadership Songhai Chiefdom to empire – 13 th Century Rose predominantly through trade Strong leaders, role of Islam Kanem Originally confederation of ethnic groups 10 th century emergence of Safuwa dynasty – formation of expansive state Trade and Islam major contributors to Kanem’s success and growth Commonalities of Western Sudan Kingdoms Centralized powers Expansive rulers
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Unformatted text preview: Kings consolidated power differently o Ghana and Mali solidified relationships with rulers of conquered states o Songhai replaced rulers Importance of trade to their growth and power revenue from taxing trans-Saharan trade route o Gold and Salt trade Importance of trading cities Jenne, Timbuktu, Gao Contact with Islam (in varies ways) Persistence of agriculture and fishing Shifting control over towns Government monopoly on a trade items including gold nuggets Agriculture/agrarian communities o Kings maintained monopoly on trade...
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