Early Saharan Cultures

Early Saharan Cultures - th – camel spread among Berber...

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Early Saharan Cultures Evidence of an early Saharan hunting culture that was later joined by cattle breeders Artwork shows that cattle breeders were later succeeded by horse herders who drove chariots Other artwork indicates that camel riders came after charioteers o Camel was probably related to development of trans- Saharan trade – revolutionized Saharan trading o South to North diffusion of camel riding Berbers North African nomadic group instrumental in connecting North Africa with populations south of the Sahara Key players in trans Saharan trade and spread of Islam Trade o Berbers traded copper and manufactured goods to the nomads of the southern desert in return for gold Later – main products coming from southern region – gold and salt Trans-Saharan trade Long distance trade across Sahara desert n to s Berber pastoralists living in northern Sahara – traders In the 1 st century AD – introduction of camel During the 3 rd and 4
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Unformatted text preview: th – camel spread among Berber • Populations in Sahel as traders connected to Berbers Outside Influence • From 700s to 1300s CE Arab and Islamic culture was the biggest outside influence • Islam spreads from Middle East to North African in 7 th century and then west and south • Coming of Islam o From 7 th to 11 th century, widespread phenomenon o Arab conquest gave Trans Saharan trade new impetus o Berbers were first converts to Islam in this region o Second wave of Islamization – 11 th century with the rise of the Almoravids, a Berber religious movement o By the 16 th century Islam was well established in Sudanic regions • Influence o Merchants and rulers first to convert – convert for more/better trade o Commoners, if converted at all, became Muslim much later o Arabic cultural influences mixed with African culture o Influence of Islam on: Language Education Architecture Law Gender roles Social classes...
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Early Saharan Cultures - th – camel spread among Berber...

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