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Student 1 Student Name ENGL 1023 2/25/11 Odd Love in Frank O’Hara’s “Steps” The poem “Steps,” by Frank O’Hara, is a love poem about New York City. The narrator wakes up in the morning, full of love and over caffeinated, and gives us random details about the city. He speaks of famous actresses, buildings, and rush hour traffic as if he knows what is going on in the city at all times. The narrator describes these odd, disconnected, and somewhat normal happenings in New York as if they were beautiful, and ultimately declares “oh god it’s wonderful/ to get out of bed/…and love you so much” (50-55). Therefore, “Steps” becomes a poem about how loving a city, or another person perhaps, is an act
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Unformatted text preview: of admiring its oddities and foolishness (traffic jams, dancers, strangers) rather than what might be considered its conventional beauty (central park, the statue of liberty, models, etc). The first two lines of Steps equate New York to Ginger Rogers in Swingtime (1-2). Ginger Rogers was the romantic interest in this silly, classical movie. From the beginning, then, the readers are given the sense that the narrator loves New York similarly to how one might love a beautiful actress. The narrator is glued to the scene of New York as one might be glued to the screen of a movie, which also sets up his position as an observer....
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