Ginsberg Chapter 3

Ginsberg Chapter 3 - Ginsberg-Chapter 3 Antifederalists...

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Ginsberg-Chapter 3 Antifederalists’ objections to the vice presidency 1. The vice president’s state would have an additional vote in the Senate. 2. It commingled executive and legislative powers This minor squabble over the vice presidency provides insights into the politics of the time and the concerns of the Federalists and Antifederalists 1. Federal balance of power and the importance of the states 2. Separation of powers What is an institution? Institutions are things that endure in a country. They last no matter who is ruling, or why. Institutions are organizations, or patterns of thought and activity, that are self- perpetuating and valued for their own sake Institutions are central to people’s lives & are not easily changed Institutions influence political behavior & vary from country to country. There are 3 kinds of institutions: o Formal : The institutions of government in the US include Congress, the Supreme Court, the Presidency, the IRS, and the armed forces. o Informal : the idea of democracy o Physical : the Pentagon, the Kabala, the Vatican Institutions can be problematic because they may limit a people’s ability to adapt and change even when the change would be beneficial The discussion of federalism and the separation of powers in Chapter 3 uses many of the five principles of politics , but the most important point in this chapter is the idea that institutions matter in that they are a means of overcoming obstacles to collective action . All politics is collective action. Institutions are part “script” and part “scorecard.” As scripts, institutions lay out identifiable markers and procedures that are commonly recognized by different political actors; they choreograph political activity. By giving some actors jurisdiction over certain decisions and allowing
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Ginsberg Chapter 3 - Ginsberg-Chapter 3 Antifederalists...

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