Ginsberg Chapter 1a

Ginsberg Chapter 1a - politics is about. These decisions...

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Ginsberg Chapter 1a Who governs? Pluralism is the theory that all groups in a society compete to influence the outcome of political decisions. Elitism is the theory that a very small, and closed, group at the top of business, government, and society makes all decisions for us. Direct action politics is action taken by citizens to directly influence political decisions. It includes protest movements and revolution. Who benefits from government? Deciding how scarce resources are divided is one of the major concerns of politics. Deciding who contributes to resources, how much they contribute, who gets the resources when they are shared, why resources are shared as they are is what
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Unformatted text preview: politics is about. These decisions are based on the political philosophy of the citizens. However, our political philosophy is contradictory. Freedom v. Order & Security Liberty v. Equality Who are we? The American population is diverse and constantly growing. Anxieties about national origin, religion, and race have influenced the politics of voting, immigration, and social welfare policy. What defines American? Is it shared values such as belief in liberty, equality, democracy? Is it legal citizenship? Is it participation is the icons of the dominant culture? Do we really value diversity or is that just talk?...
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Ginsberg Chapter 1a - politics is about. These decisions...

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