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Friendship-Attraction - What leads to friendship and...

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What leads to friendship and attraction Physical attractiveness o We are biased for beauty o We react more favorably to others who are physically attractive than to those who are not o Is beauty an objective quality? Some argue that certain faces are inherently more attractive than others High levels of agreement for faical ratings across ages and cultures Physical features of the face are reliably associated with judgments of attractivenss Babies prefer faces they find attractive Feature found attractive Baby face Men find this attractive in women Expressive Both men and women, but especially men find this attractive Sexual maturity Both men and women, but especially women find this attractive Symmetrical features/average features People from different cultures enhance their beauty in very different ways Ideal body shapes vary across cultures, as well as among racial groups within a culture Standards of beauty change over time Situational factors can influence judgments of beauty Inherently rewarding to be in the company of people who are
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