Group Influence

Group Influence - competition compared to when alone...

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Group Influence What is a group? Family Team Club/organization Frat/Sorority Group of friends Office Culture (nation/state/region) Race/ethnicity Age bracket Characteristics of a group Has to have: o Influence of people over one another o Shared goal/interaction/interdependence needs/wants o Similar experience(s) o More than 2 people o Perception of “us” o Helps basic human needs to belong, get information, establish our identity & social norms Group influence How do groups affect performance? o Triplett (1898) What happens when individuals join together with other individuals? Cyclers performed better in races than they did when they were paced by motorcyclists or together Fishing reel story 40 children 8 to 17 children had to reel at fastest rate, timed them alone and with others all children performed faster when in
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Unformatted text preview: competition compared to when alone Thought to be a universal truth and no one did research for awhile o Zajonc: people did better with tasks that they were well versed in, but people had trouble when being watched if the tasks were novel Cockroach study: Cockroach placed in tube with a bright light at one end, to escape light, cockroach had to run down the tube into a darkened box Presence/absence of other cockroaches Easy of difficult maze DV: speed of escape With easy course, did better with other cockroaches than alone By themselves in difficult maze took less time, with other cockroaches around took more time Presence of others increases arousal Arousal enhances whatever response is dominant Simple task: correct response is dominant Complex task: incorrect response dominant...
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Group Influence - competition compared to when alone...

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