Behavior-Attitude - When evil behavior occurs we tend to justify it as right o Peacetime Moral action especially when chosen rather than coerced

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When does behavior affect our attitudes Role playing o Role- set of norms that defines how people in a given social position ought to behave o Zimbardo’s Stanford prison study Abu-Ghraib controversy Foot-in-the-door phenomenon o Tendency for people who have first agreed with a small request and later agree to a large request o Door in the face phenomenon- opposite of foot in the door Evil and moral acts o Wartime Actions and attitudes feed on each other
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Unformatted text preview: When evil behavior occurs we tend to justify it as right o Peacetime Moral action, especially when chosen rather than coerced, affects moral thinking • Interracial behavior and racial attitudes o Racial behavior help shape our social consciousness By doing, not saying racial attitudes were changed Legislating morality • Social movements o Political and social movements may legislate behavior designed to lead to attitude change on a mass scale...
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