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Why are attitudes important? Strongly influence social thought- the way we think about and process information Behavior follows attitudes… We do what we believe Assumed that attitudes influence behavior LaPiere (1934) o Visited 66 hotels and 184 restaurants across the US with a Chinese couple o Only denied service once o 6 months later wrote to establishments (would you provide service to Chinese) o 128 responded, 92% “No Service” o Problems When do attitudes predict behavior? Less time elapsed between measure of attitude & behavior When social and other situational pressures are weak When attitude is clear, strong, certain:
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Unformatted text preview: o Attitude is important to self; value-expressive o Attitude is strongly supported (beliefs, affect, behavior) o Comes to mind= accessible o Formed with controlled/effortful processing o Come from direct experience • Attitude & behavioral measures correspond o General, global attitudes predict behavior across a variety of contexts o Specific attitudes predict specific behaviors • Specific attitude measure embeds attitude in situation o Tomorrow o Next week o If its raining • Help people take situation pressure into account o Drinking with friends who don’t drink...
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