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Chapter 1 - it amazingly easy to violate social norms False...

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Chapter 1 What is social psychology? Emphasizes: o Social influences o Shows the social influences that impact our behaviors o About the power of the social situation Broad Themes: How individuals thoughts and feelings and behaviors are influenced by other people the social influence Obedience and Conformity Aggression Group decision making Helping Love and Attraction Social Psychology in the court Health A First Look: 1. the greater the rewards we’re promised for engaging in an activity the more we will come to value and enjoy that activity: False- smaller rewards= more value, enjoyment 2. In such an individualistic culture as the United States, people find
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Unformatted text preview: it amazingly easy to violate social norms: False- Still very difficult to violate social norms • 3.Once formed, stereotypes are very difficult to change: True- a number of cognitive and motivational forces make it hard to change a stereotype • 4. A person’s level of aggression is relatively stable throughout life- True= although type of aggression may change, the relative level remains quite stable though how we respond to the aggression is socially influenced • 5. Being in a bad mood can actually increase people’s tendency to help- True=helping may be motivated by a desire to rid oneself of the bad mood...
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