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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Unintentional effortless nonconscious...

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Chapter 3 Review of terms Self-serving bias- false uniqueness, false consensus, credit ourselves instead of external factors for our success Self-efficacy- has power/capacity to produce desired effect o Bandura Locus of control- continuum of control, internal and external, scale, when faced with situations, our sense of control can helped determine how we respond to situations o J.B Rodder Learned helplessness- sense of giving up, even if not truly helpless o Dog experiment- shocked a dog, originally had a barrier he could jump over, after that shocked him on both sides of box, would just stay on the side and get shocked o Domestic violence Social cognition- study of how people think/feel about themselves and the social world o How we organize, interpret, remember and use social information to make decisions o A continuum with two ends… low and high effort Low-effort Automatic thinking
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Unformatted text preview: Unintentional, effortless, nonconscious High-effort Controlled, intentional Voluntary, effortful o Automatic thinking- mental structures that help organize knowledge about the social world and guide the selection, interpretation, and recall of information Makes social environment more predictable, organized We are cognitive misers, look for shortcuts to understand and predict social world, limited processing capacity Save time Schemas; roles; norms; meaning; scripts Filter to help us interpret and evaluate new people and events Schemas influence attention: Graduate student’s office study Grad student office schema consistent and schema inconsistent Leave room and recall what was in the room Recalled more schema related than unrelated items, recalled more schema consistent objects that were not actually in the office...
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Chapter 3 - Unintentional effortless nonconscious...

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